Eamonn Rihanna Needs To Wise Up

He said: I find the entourages that some people are equipped, particularly the Americans, really pathetic. Eamonn added: I d love to interview Kate Middleton, I think it would be very interesting. He also said Beyonce sister Solange had the right attitude, but said that he found his stand off-ish when asked about Beyonce. Eamonn Holme said that if the singer Rihanna am your daughter wanted to give it a slap . And surrounded by people who treat her like a little flower. Rihanna, for example, is a beautiful girl, but if it were your daughter, you d give her a slap and say the test. In an interview with Star magazine, Holmes discussed stars and their entourages. You know very attractive girl! .

28.1.09 08:53

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